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The Digital Growth Index

The Internet presents powerful opportunities for brands to create meaningful connections with their customers that can drive loyalty, increase sales and boost the bottom line. In this world of possibilities, the only threat is the diversity of the opportunity.

To cut through the clutter and confusion of the online world we have developed a simple way to help brands understand the strategies and actions that they should adopt in specific markets to really drive impact. The Digital Growth Index summarises the world’s largest study into online behaviours and attitudes into a single-number score, highlighting the potential for brands to grow through digital channels in specific geographies or categories.

This index helps brands to answer a range of questions, including:

  • Just because a target group is spending time online, is this the best place to engage them?
  • What do consumers want from engaging with my brand online?
  • How can I add value to the relationship with my customers to turn them into advocates?
  • What are the online touchpoints that will have an impact on purchase?

The Digital Growth Index establishes the actual opportunity for brands in the digital world. It splits the world into four quadrants, with very real implications for how brands should approach the markets in each of these distinct areas. For example, what does an automotive manufacturer need to do differently in Germany and China? What does a cosmetics company need to do differently to a travel brand? Please contact us to learn how to apply the Index to identify growth opportunities for your business.


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